Montplex Cache

World's Most Cost-Efficient Caching Service

World's Most Cost-Efficient
Caching Service

Founding Vision

Cloud Only

Cost Friendly

BYOC First

Why Montplex Cache

Redis® and Valkey compatible

Full list of supported Redis commands.

Cost Saving
Up to 80% cost savings compared to AWS ElastiCache
Production Ready
Add to your stack in minutes
Multi-Cloud Support
Available on AWS, with Azure and GCP support soon.
Geographic Failover
Region-wide disaster recovery
Always-On Support
Enterprise support available 24/7

What's in Montplex Cache

Single Instance High Availability

Revolutionize high availability architecture by integrating EBS and S3 technologies, cutting virtual machine hardware costs in half.

Zero Inter-AZ Bandwidth Cost

Leverage S3 for data synchronization, eliminating cross-AZ data transfer costs entirely.

Non-Blocking Operations

Avoid the negative impacts of BGSave and master-slave replication on business operations while maintaining reliable backups and high availability.

Infinite Scalability

Offer near-infinite scalability, while most competitors can only support 128 or 256 shards.

Bring Your Own Cloud

Data Remains Secure
Montplex Cache hybrid Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) deployment model provides the ease of use of a fully cloud hosted solution, but the security and privacy of an On-premises deployment.

Frequently asked questions

You can find more specific information about the library by digging into the documentation and reading our blog articles.