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The Future of Caching

· 2 min read

Serverless Cache Takes the Lead

Cloud architecture is evolving towards a serverless-first design, offering services such as serverless databases, serverless event-driven functions, and microservices, catering to the needs of customers seamlessly. We have witnessed AWS releasing various serverless database services with different data models, such as relational, key-value, document, graph, or time-series over the past 20 years, thereby changing the game with their user-friendliness and the ability to handle large-scale applications. However, when it comes to caching databases, legacy caching services are all cluster-based and do not come with the ability to truly autoscale. Today we still find ourselves dealing with managed services that require considerations such as node types, capacity sizing, and when to scale up or down.

Montplex team have officially recognized this trend and acknowledge that serverless cache plays a crucial role in the cloud ear. So we made the decision to fill this gap. By introducing serverless cache, we aim to provide a comprehensive serverless data management solution in the cloud. This addition will automatically scale based on demand, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of downtime, with a friendly use-based pricing model.

Montplex Serverless Cache is truly serverless cache solution that automatically handles traffic bursts, optimizes cache hit rates, and minimizes latencies. It eliminates the need for manual management of nodes, shards, and replicas, ensuring highly responsive applications at any scale. With rapid deployment in minutes, it accelerates your applications in different regions on AWS, GCP, Azure and more.

We are excited about the possibilities that serverless cache enables a seamless experience for our users.